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"Reality isn't so kind. Everything doesn't work out the way you want it to. That's why... As long as you don’t get your hopes up, you can take anything... You feel less pain."

M!A STATUS - Married to Tifa (NibelheimNativeGuide) until not afraid of her anymore. Pleasehelpme

Feb 18 '14

Send the word ‘Truth’ along with a question and my character has to answer it honestly.

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Feb 18 '14

Mun Things:

[Even if I act like I’m only 12 half the time I assure everyone…

I’m above the USA drinking age of 21. I won’t say the exact number, but yes.

If you’re not at least 18 IRL I’m not interested in starting anything sexual.]

Feb 18 '14

thestorm-and-thestone asked:

Good Boy


as your adoptive father, this is fucked up.

A slow, sadistic smirk began to crawl across Squall’s hansom scarred face like a piece of cloth slowly being ripped in two as he held up a leather-made leash and collar. There was a glint of evil, a sure sign of vengeance, as he stared down the blonde male.

"On your knees, daddy.”

Feb 18 '14

I lost about 19 followers and gained 10 more while I was absent.


Feb 18 '14

thestorm-and-thestone asked:

"I'm turning eighteen in April. Soon you won't have the power to ground my ass!"


”As long as you live under my same roof, you’ll do as i tell you to do young man!”

 ”You’re not my real father and I sure as hell don’t live with you.”

Feb 18 '14

Send me ” ¤” For my muses reaction to yours kissing them out of no where

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Feb 18 '14

Send me anons as my kid.


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Feb 18 '14

… Holy fuck, I’m online.


Jan 22 '14

No, I’m not back. Not technically.


For a better explanation of my absence or if you’d just like to role play with me again or talk to me… I’m afraid my Squall muse is quiet for now. My Riku muse, however, seems to be back for a while.

My Kingdom Hearts Riku is older and not in-game. He’s extremely AU and a multi-ship blog. Just like Squally here, however, one character per ship.

If you’d like to bother me again here is the link:


Check him out, why not?

Jan 22 '14

Send me “So…” to hear what my character would say to yours after casual sex.



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